Kevin Miller and Ron C chatting

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Kevin Miller and Ron C chatting

Post  kevinb on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:13 pm

Here is Kevin Miller and Ron C with a scripted chat on the backyard fence. Of course I gave my feedback with truths. Kevin Miller and Ron C where is the backup to what you claim. you never have any. you always claim there is but never , never have you produce i piece to backup your stories.

Ron C  “Backyard fence poster stating”
United Winchendon Post kevinb on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:49 pm wrote:
A few years past there was a similar campaign to recall a couple of selectmen on account of their focus to remove the Town Manager. some remember the two to be Burton Gould and Ed Bond. the principles behind that campaign were  Bob O'Keefe, Keith Barrows, Beth Hunt, Fedor Berndt, James Kreidler, and residents of the town of Winchendon.

They felt to comply to the Town Managers contempt not to work with these two past selectmen. this group United Winchendon won this recall campaign and placed two more that fit the agenda of the Town Manager.

Two members of this effort by United Winchendon....Andrea Suchocki  and Felicia Nurmsen. Yes we still have your email addresses used from back then.

The irony is thick enough to cut. Guest Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:33 pm
Kevin Miller writes

Ron, I take great issue with your stated reason for the previous recall. We were quite clear then that the reasons to remove Burton and Ed were their illegal meetings, unethical participation in deliberations where there was clear conflict of interest, and their attempts to intimidate the TM and several department heads to act contrary to law, charter, bylaw and policy. Their dispute with the TM stemmed from their illegal and unethical actions, but it was not the reason for the recall. They never even got to the point of really trying to fire him.

Also, as far as I'm concerned it's a "so what" that Felicia and Andrea supported the last recall. The reasons for the last recall were valid; the reasons for this one are not. Let's focus on the reasons or lack thereof rather than the people. Guest Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:33 pm

Thanks Ron. That's a really important point, that Mr. Bliss, who was not part of the last recall is trying to say what that recall was about.

Kevin bliss comments

True I was not part of the last recall however there is a picture of me showing solidarity with some of the united Winchendon participators. I was holding one of the signs for United Winchendon that Mike Niles and others who are interested in the health of the town were displaying at the football field.
I believed the Town Manager was wrong by courting Jack Ladue and others to believe it was a healthy move for the town. Jim saw the picture and it was a light cordial day we all laughed.  Now many who were on that blame train realized now it was a faux paux by the town manager to get control. Many realized the truth such as Felicia and Andrea. Jean Hue signed the recall, I asked Jim what happened to Jean Hue, he claimed he does not know she just disappeared. Jean and I were like two pieces of sandpaper towards each other. She was all about Jim Kreidler, now all the ladies in this town see something different, apparently they have been lied to and you understand what happens?  
We have already read where Kevin Miller and members of the BOS have recently broken the open meeting law. Ethics violations by the Town Manager not reporting an accident with damage over $1000.00 Fedor Berndt wife making statements she has and was privileged to inside information, rehearse executive meeting with one of the town attorney’s. We understand Fedor does not have the depth to make a position to the town attorney as stated in the executive meeting. Keith Barrows took over as soon as the meeting started.
IF and this is an If many in town would love to had seen play out because it was a close race on the recall. Which both Burt Gould and Ed bod did not go out and cry foul. What if the recall did not win? would the Town Managers contract have been Renewed ?. answer No. would we be having a special town meeting to Give Him $300,000 cash, no wrong statement and impeccable references? Answer NO. Would we be in the hole for 6 million dollars? Answer NO, Why? Because there would have been 2 competent Members on the BOS who would not allow this to Happen.
But it did happen and here we are today in a big Mess, with one of the Principles Kevin Miller touting his experience in capital planning, Finance Committee, School go to finance experience. One problem with all of this here he is bragging about. This is what got us in this jeopardy, this deficit, this disparaging non communication with the school side.  Kevin Miller only believes in keeping the Town Manager in power because he lacks all the principle qualities it takes to operate a successful town. He knew the town was running a deficit, but instead of doing the right thing he resigned and stuck his head in the sand and allowed his hero the town manager to burn us to the ground.


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