Kevin Miller running for bos

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Kevin Miller running for bos

Post  kevinb on Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:59 am

Kevin Miller has decided to run for a selectmans seat this coming election, I would like to point out an issue with this,

Kevin is only running to capture a seat and keep the Current Town Manager in place. also Kevin Miller is one of the issues at hand with the 6 Million Deficit and why we had to have DOR come in.  he was on the Finance Commitee during the time we were running a deficit in the health care self insurance. this is one of the factors we are in financial trouble.

Here is his announcement, remember we are in a deficit for 6 million because of people who were in charge did not do their job, Kevin Miller is one of them who was in charge but abruptly resigned when the red started to flow. he does not have my vote.

For my BYF friends, I've decided to run for a 3 year seat on the Winchendon BOS. With everything going on I believe we need people on the BOS who have understanding and experience with how town finances and operations do, and should be, run. We need some new ideas, but not at the expense of experience and competence.

My family and I have lived in and been a part of the Winchendon for 15 years. I have served on the Finance Committee (2008-2012), the Capital Planning Committee, and have worked with the School Committee to develop annual budgets. I am passionate about promoting effective, open, and fiscally responsible local government. Winchendon is a vibrant community with great potential. I am seeking to promote this town's future while appreciating and respecting its roots. I ask for your vote on May 5th to bring about town government looking forward to a bright and successful future.
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