Question for candidate Kevin Miller

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Question for candidate Kevin Miller

Post  kevinb on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:56 pm

Platform question for Kevin Miller,

When the town votes not to allow this exit agreement to be funded and the town manager has to stay, Will you Kevin Miller as an elected official of the Board Of Selectmen Terminate the Town Manager when there is substantiating evidence for due cause?

I look forward to your answer here or on your "Elect Kevin Miller Facebook Page ".
Not answering this simple question speaks volumes toward your election.

Another question Kevin Miller,

If what you state is the truth in this comment then why did you stop me from posting on your Supporting Winchendon facebook page ? you have attacked Sutt and claim they Lie.
Are the lie's have already flowing from you? please read your comment below

di wrote:
will agree. I'd vote for you Kevin. U r honest and knowledgeable. Big points with me. Good luck

Kevin Miller wrote:
"Thank you di! Please feel free to ask questions, provide input. I'm not always going to agree with everyone, but I will promise to listen and consider everyone's perspective before making decisions".
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