Ruth Damicas Winchendon Courrier is the author of Joseph White

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Ruth Damicas Winchendon Courrier is the author of Joseph White

Post  kevinb on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:24 am

Special Town Meeting consisted of Cheers, jeers and again quite a few tears!
After the vote to appropriate the money for the Town Manager's severance passed, by more than a 2/3rd vote people cheered briefly, which then led to the line of tears that waited to offer congratulations to the Town Manager.
It was with mixed emotions that the citizens voted YES. People seemed to leave happy that the disrespectful, abuse of the TM will stop but, where will their town be without him and the current BOS?
With only a handful of citizens speaking before the vote, the biggest source of entertainment was the uninformed "air quote" speech given by a member the town group making a stir.
Although one paper titles their article, Town Votes to Fire Town Manager, that couldn't be further from the truth. Last night was clearly about "freeing" the Town Manager of the hateful unfounded slander that has been placed upon him in the last 6 months.
In freeing the TM, Winchendon can also free herself of the negativity, hate and disrespect that has caused these unfortunate events.
We have pretty amazing Selectmen seated, who will no doubt make sure the transition of losing Jim Kreidler goes as smoothly as possibly for our town.
The next big event comes the election. Well respected citizens Kevin Miller and Audrey Labrie were out speaking with the crowd and informing people of their qualities and experience that could lead to their seats on the BOS. There was a flyer from "the five" who wish to replace the entire board with their one vision.
Hopefully we will soon start to hear and read some individual thoughts from all candidates in a formal setting so that the citizens will truly know what they are "in for!"

The town has decided to make changes Ruth, the next step is Your Friends on the Bos,who have allowed you to many privilges with our money. what you write in this article claiming it is gentle is not. you have been the town hall, TM and BOS goto person for years. you bash the residents with this article in the so called Community page. the controlling of information is diminishing. the manipulation of attempting to extract information from others under a guise to find what they have is deceptive, this needs to stop.

The two Candidates you name but not the 5 from sutt tells us where you stand.

Kevin Miller is one of the Gang who allowed our twn to be where it is today in financial ruin. he was a principle on the Finance Committee who was suppose to e lokking out for our best interest. he did not. I do not trust him as a selectmen.

Audrey Labrie I Believe she does not have the stability to even be in any  town elected or appointed seat. she has no qualifications and she is only running to attempt to occupy a seat to keep the old regime culture alive.

Ruth you ask where will we be with out Jim, the future will show us through the election process and new views in the selectmen seats.  


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