Joseph White Community Site who controls it?

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Joseph White Community Site who controls it?

Post  kevinb on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:24 am

Joseph White page is reaching almost 5,000 people daily! Thank you so much!
We have decided to post documented truths about the current "difference of opinion" causing divide in Winchendon.
You may PM us with requests to post your items. They must be factual and not opinion based. We will not post innuendo, insult and the like. Only items with documented confirmation will be allowed, as to keep it informative for the residents of Winchendon.
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Ruth Deamicas from the  Winchendon courier controls this site along with the town hall crew of JIM Kreidler and others. another scam. when will they learn not to deceive the residents.

I posted this
For this to be fair and balance the first issue to resolve is to identify who the people are that will be reviewing these documents.who will be the person or persons who will decide what is real or factual and what is not. Many realize this is suppose to be a town information site which has been servicing the community well. who is the administrator?, should politics be brought here?. all newspapers and other social media rint who owns the paper , the editor, etc. all transparency to the public.

Joseph White responded

Asked and answered, then who ever this person is went on to state i can stay a follower can leave. then they removed the statement.

I wrote

please post it again for all of us to have the questions answered. I missed that comment.

Still waiting for the information of who controls it?. why would anyone send information to be censored and controlled to the Ghost behind this site. Lets see who they are first.  


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