this was the wrong perception with town counsel

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this was the wrong perception with town counsel

Post  kevinb on Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:27 pm


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Subject: Town lawyers Today at 10:50 am Guest Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:49 am
#30 years working for the town, what I saw last night was a law firm working for the TM not the town.

We were given ultimatums, intimidation to the voters, or else. Maybe it is time to seek out a new law firm. and maybe just talk, but this is no longer status quo. Guest Tue Ap

This counsel was not there to give ultimatums, intimidations. the extra 15 pages in this exit agreement was more detailed then the summary of facts given at the last Bos meeting.

the Town Counsel presented the facts to all the voters in the manner which is by the law. too many peole showed up with there emotions instead of a level head. what was stated last night was if the town votes no Jim Kreidler will retain his 3 year contract signed by the Bos for the full amount of $650,000. if we vote yes tonight the cost will be $299,068.00. no threats just facts laid out to the people who do not understand contracts.

the emotional part was linked to former DPW workers who by their own demise caused their employment to be terminated. others who followed this emotional path were relatives, spouses and friends maybe people who struggle with white collar business.

Danielle laid out a great presentation, I wish people would have listen instead of reacting. there was just cause with Jim, all the town had to do was wait but as the town counsel stated a "mob" mentality circumvented the logic on the town saving money. A new Bos was a great busness plan and managing the Town Manager with a new Bos was a smart business plan.

the people strutting around today making coments "it's done Just Move on" "we will not be led down a yellow brick road" or the mentality this man did not respect us . some did not like how Jim treated them when he was negotiating union contracts, that was jim's job to give the least and make sure the town did not pay more then needed. we only owe you what you are capable of negotiating. I for one am not a big union supporter. many will probably hate me for saying this, get over yourself. we as a town atttend these town meetings for one reason, the authorization of our tax money to be spent on our town budget. NOt a who like's who or he should have a better personality. this is town business.

Both sides lost last night, no winners. the reason we are in this mess is because this town fought with each other, lines were drawn in the sand and some got the information while others did not. I believe we have the wrong Bos because they held information from us, I believe we have the wrong Finance committee because they held information from us. I believe we have the wrong accountant because she lacked experience in the Munis system, the system we use. I believe we could have terminated the town manager with just cause for not informing the Bos that we were in the red for health insurance expenditures, not procurring updated software for the munis system that was not operating correctly. Daniel and felicia had a great plan they still do, some of the supporters jumped the gun because of personal emotions. one being the person who I have placed here with there qoute.

People need to realize when you have a great plan stick with the purpose and the Goal. the goal of the mission statement was , remove the Bos THEN terminate the Town Manager with Just cause. not send him out with my money, my neighbors money. just because you have a personal problem and feel all business logic is to be thrown to the wind, your emotion does not mean I feel the same. we don't need a new law firm what we need is more patience with a well thought out plan. I will still as many should do vote to remove this Bos.


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