Bravo Jim Kreidler !!! you WON!!!!!

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Bravo Jim Kreidler !!! you WON!!!!!

Post  kevinb on Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:50 pm

Bravo Jim, You Came into this town like a lion and you are leaving this town as a lion. just like our March of 2015.

The Town seems to be running on the fuel of emotion, this makes them vulnerable to the tune of an extra 1 Million Dollars and the jeopardy of us not have supports in all aspects of the towns operation. they also do not realize they are giving you 2 years free pay and no municipal obligations with the town and DOR. they are sending you off with a parade of no fault and  letters of excellent job performance with letters of references that will make you out to be  demi-god. since I will not be able to make the april meeting working and time restrictions, I want to give you a virtual hand shake here.

I wish you the best moving on since after this vote on april 6th, you will be gone. Catch you down the road somewhere. Call me sometime I will buy you lunch. you deserve it .    

                                                                                    Kevin Bliss


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