How we got in Financial Trouble

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How we got in Financial Trouble

Post  kevinb on Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:36 am

Below Ron C demonstrates his counting abilities whith how long the Town Manager has been employed. Since he runs with the people who have created this debt we have know, I understand after his comment how we got there. "they do not know how to do math"

Maureen ward stated the town manager has been here employed for 18 years, I know the contract was written in the year 2000. his first day of employment January 2001. so this would mean his first year ended dec 31st 2001. so Jan 1st 2002 would have made him employed 1 year now if we add the years going forward 2003 will be 2 years, 2004 3 year, 2005 4 years, 2006 5 years, 2007 6 years, 2008 7 years, 2009 8 years, 2010 9 years, 2011 10years, 2012 11 years, 2013, 12 years, 2013 13 years, 2014 14 years. May 1st? will bring us to a total of 14 years 5 months.

Ron C you can't just make up numbers to fit your needs. this is financial and has to be down to the last penny.  then again this group did and here we are now.

Ron C  attempted to split a hair on this mistake of his and Maureen ward statement. Jim never resided in Winchendon, Jim has for the last 20 plus years resided in Ashburnham. just because he visted Winchendon and negotiated a contract in 2000 does not give him the 15 years.

Ron C  Just admit you are wrong and move on to the next Ignorant issue you fan for flames.  Maureen Ward your an educated person stop listening spun info.

Ron C

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Subject: Re: HEY Jackson Blair  Today at 8:08 am Guest Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:24 am

Quote :
Kevin Bl*** Maureen, Jim started his employment in January 2001
Therefore he has been here 15 years. Guest Fri Apr 03


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