D kreidler ? Hi Jim

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D kreidler ? Hi Jim

Post  kevinb on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:33 am

Here is a response from D kreidler or is it Jim?. who knows , of course we know. well Jim here is my answer to what you wrote on the Backwards fence.

you Wrote,


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Subject: Re: who to believe A BIG WHOOPSIE  Today at 8:13 am Guest Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:18 am
Tina Santos- the Charter does NOT trump his contract. Please read or have an actual contract atty. Interpret for you.
SUTT- His contract has never been challenged legally...because it is air tight from years of experience, education and working in contract negotiations. As well as being reviewed by at least three municipal contract attorneys firms. Jim doesn't do anything halfway. That is why a contract is meant to protect.
Mr. I- still ridiculous. Guest Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:18 am

The Charter Trumps the 4/5th part of your contract period. the Due Clause part is iron clad. you did a great job. now you made an offer to leave and the BOZO's you control on the BOS gave you a sweetheart deal. a big sweet heartdeal. I want to believe the residents are catching on and the emotions are in check to see this is not in our best interest. so we are just going to have to say No!. you need to stick around and do your job, not get paid for two years for nothing and cost us another Million Dollars for the expiration of your contract and another Town Managers contract . now I see many things past and future that will give the NEW BOS just cause to send you away with nothing. just like you have left this town with nothing but a big deficit.

Sorry Jim, I still like you as a person and would seek you out in contract negotiations for me personally. but this is my town and my finances and my decision to say no. i do not want to give you a big payday for not performing what your iron clad contract state's.  your contract binds you to do your best for us and I will want to hold your feet to the fire as per your iron clad contract. I know your integrity and character would never allow you to do a 1/2 way job once we state no!, because this is your reputation and future. I agree with Jack Ladue you are a fighter, a fightr to show all of us your the best. the best at proving us wrong. you will honor this contract because you crafted it to be iron clad. but this time it will be with an effective BOS as your manager.

Jim, you are aware the regular May town meeting has to approve the financial money part for the contract to be valid for the New contract addendum. so we say no to the exit contract and no to fund your new contract which leaves the new BOS to sit down and negotiate New Terms. this is an iron clad response to the iron clad upcoming contract.  you are aware of this I am aware of this, others are aware of this.
peace out Jim.


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