ok I have had enough!!!!

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ok I have had enough!!!!

Post  kevinb on Sat Mar 28, 2015 8:57 pm

Ron C -people are seeking you out to have a conversation on why you are a dick. they do not like or can wrap their head around why you have treated  me in this manner. Calling me mr. ignorant, saying I have hatred in my soul, defaming me on the backyard fence, not allowing me to comment , but you complain when sutt stopped you from posting on their site just as you did to me and claim they are wrong.   I attempted to stick up for you and told them that you are the most ignorant individual in Winchendon and have the most dysfunctional family. I  told them you are the principle person posting on the backyard fence. you made this happen with all your insults on people here in town.  you are a dysfunctional person, I believe you do not understand you are a dick.  no ron c there is only one of me here under my name the other 25 names are other people.    

Erin Bernt- shut up , you are such a bitch!!!!. you do not call me anything or I will have a few choice labels for you. you see jim gave me the inside track on you. the proper name is Sutt not smutt, the only two people with a trash disposition is you and ron c.  

Erin Berndt I will stand up & proudly say "I have questioned how a 19 yr old can in any way share or form be responsible for an entire town"? My queries were erased & that made me mad! As Diana said our families have been torn apart, rumors were started, people were badgered to sign the recalls under false pretenses. We have all gotten beyond this, but we do HAVE THE RIGHT, to question SMUTTs new candidates. I've heard that they're saying he can learn the right way "by cutting his teeth on our dime"??? What??? And when there is no one left to teach him a damn thing & our town is dragged into a mess we can't get out of then what? Who's responsible? Whose fault will that be? I also have an issue with their campaign signs, as expected SMUTT again has made the illusion by putting all the names on only one sign that you must vote for all, when that is not at all the case. For those that are confused enough by all that has happened since last fall, here is yet another example of how Felicia & Danielle use their smoke & mirrors! Someone needs o explain to all of the people of Winchendon, that they don't HAVE to vote for Felicia & Danielle's candidates!! This mess is just getting better, the town has been led into a deeper hole than anyone even realizes. See what happens when Jim leaves & the DOR comes in j
2 hrs
another quote by fedor wife admitting the money pit is getting bigger.this person who is running for Selectman is a young man wanting to be involved in town politics, do not disparage him.  

Diana Kreidler- stop doing the crying game, everyone is onto your game. you are not a victim. you are just a whiner.  your children do not deserve to be brought into this and I am sorry for any pain they are going through. but you and jim deserve every bit of these issue's at hand.

Kevin Miller - I have nothing to say that is bad about you. but you knew the town was in bad shape and should have said something about this.

Jim- you let the dogs out to insult Sutt, me and who else is talking the truth and has a mission to turn this town around. I personally want you to stay around because your history here does not constitute a walk away agreement you crafted and had fedor be your puppet. there are numerous lawsuits coming to the town which you were the catalyst. now that they are coming in like a freight train you want to run and leave with a large payout you and this current BOS crafted. you want to be able to leave us in ruin and walk away with an agreement that states you did a fantastic job and it is not your fault.  Jack la due made a claim you are a fighter but we both know what you are. all it is , smoke and mirrors for you to manipulate a deal that is ridiculous for the town. the Dor who only talks about the numbers because that is their job. they don't get involved in the legal issues or town charter obligations of job responsibilities  and job description layout. such as you are the procurement officer along with the Town Manager job. both of these lays the bulk of these issues at your feet.

1) being the update of the software which is outdated, you are the procurement officer and you are the person who is in charge of all the towns equipment and assets with exception of the school buildings.  your fault the software was outdated and was not reported to the BOS to place a warrant for us to purchase new software and allow the system not to be manipulated to move money around when needed to  other accounts. this is what is in the report. then some how the munis system crashed.
2)you were in charge of all town employee's hiring and firing. this means the lawsuit coming down are your fault.  and it was you who interviewed the new accountant and gave the recommendation to hire the accountant with no Munis experience. my opinion is you wanted to keep the new accountant in the dark until you could feel out whether she was going to be handled by you. you didn't expect charlotte to become ill and situation became vulnerable where the new accountant could not be steered in what ever direction needed.
3) there was a town vehicle accident with damage over $1000.00 why was this not reported and a police report completed?
4)when Charlotte was not coming back and you were aware of this why did you not seek a consultant with munis experience to train the new accountant? where was the BOS in this situation?

Marc Terry made claim the town is only insured for $50,000 per wrong full suit what happened with the Harrington Lawsuit you lost, here they covered $600,000 then the insurance appealed. what happened to our insurance coverage of this amount?

Fedor - when I read the executive meeting minutes when Jim and you crafted his exit agreement how many times did you say to jim "ok" ? because when I read it you did not say anything and Keith Barrows did most of the talking along with jim. I read beth wanted to be a team player were you the puppet in this group?

Fedor- your wife Erin is questioning a young mans ability to take your place on the board , she insults this young man who has much more experience in politics and interacting with politicians. Kevin Miller laid out your life story, I see you have been married three times, children from three marriages, all marriages seem to happen almost after when one ends. you allowed your self to be controlled by jim. how can you and your wife even consider you are more stable then this young man. especially when your wife insults this fine town and tells everyone you and her are done with the town. you are leaving. sounds like you still have a pattern going on you can't change.

Jim and BOS remember I have a right as a resident and a voter to question all who have a position in office and a right to defend myself from your minions who attack us.    

when people question you and your ethics you attack us, burt gould, ed bond, bob zibzkowski,  myself, jack blair, danielle hart,  felicia newsum, etc. we walked away only to the side lines and watched you destroy this town with your core group who told us we didn't know what we are talking about.

everytime a job performance came up there was always one who did not agree with the others and gave you low numbers . what did you and Keith Barrows do dismiss their report and only use the other 4. this was wrong.

Jim, I was never going to be involved in this until your boy ron c started talking about me. now here I am bringing the truth and facts which you and I have already agreed were the truth. but ron chalk, erin berndt, diana kreidler and Kevin Miller claim they are lie's, baseless accusation and ignorance. well jim this means you are not telling the truth.


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