Diane Kreidler response ? or is it Jim ?

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Diane Kreidler response ? or is it Jim ?

Post  kevinb on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:57 am

Well Is Jim Kreidler writing this or is it his wife?, I go with Jim, to much info that a plain jane wife would not want to be involved in. why? because i was told it was over the top for her and him at home. I agree you have to deal with this all day, you do not want to discuss it when your at home with your spouse. you want to send quality time with them. so Jim I will resond to you or if you would like to be called Dianna now a days with all the pressure. I get it you need an escape. little jest there for anyone wanting to call me another name.

He doesn't have to pay a Penny because he doesn't live in Winchendon? You know what Bob, there is not a penny extra that anyone will be paying. It is the same expenses that just should have been paid at an earlier date. There is no extra money, no extra taxes that anyone will have to pay. Actually Ashburnham tax rate is significantly higher than Winchendon so...

Really who is going to pay back this 6 million dollar loan we just took out, are you Jim taking out of your salary? we get taxed you do not pay any extra that was a correct response from Bob. you are miss informing the voters, remember we are not drinking your kool aid anymore.

Bob still angry because Jim enforced the "town charter" in having the chain of command upheld in communicating complaints or instruction to employees. That was indeed highly enforced because employees were being badgered and abused by certain selectmen in an effort to get them to do things against town charter. They were harassing and yelling at employees to do things strictly against the law, charter etc. Jim used a law put in place by citizens of Winchendon to rectify the situation.
The residents also voted for you to resign or have the BOS dismiss the next contract. but you are defiant and are still there. this is the reason for the recall. you are out of time Jim

Jim has been questioned constantly. By state auditors, private auditors, state officials, selectmen, private citizens, newspapers, social media. The only people who don't ask him direct questions is SUTT, even when repeated invited to do so. How do you expect answers to your concerns if you don't ask? They don't want the answers.

the Town manager only responds to his group and makes everyone else wait 10 days for info and then does not give them the correct info. Sutt has been asking questions but he does not answer. with the mess he has placed us in this is why there are so many agencies and peole asking questions. I am still waiting years later for information I gave written notice through the free information act and the public information law.

That's why its a one way street over there. Agree with us or be damned and banned.

Not true, I have been banned from the back yard fence and Kevin Miller site suporting winchendon because I have placed facts and truths while people like Kevin Miller, Diana Kreidler, Tracy Barrows, a false person named Phillip Paine and Fedor Bernt wife attack us and spin and make it look like they have done nothing wrong, but they have done things wrong and will not admit it.

Jim did have an ins. Cons. That was unable to do his job for a number of reasons. He was let go and and whatever insurance responsibilities were assigned to him another employee took on. That does not include the accounting part of the insurance plan. That was only for the former accountant to manage. No one else. By law.

this is hilarious because the consultant told him he was under funding the account by not lacing the town side contribution into the pot. so jim fired him for telling the truth. then placed an underqualified person in charge so the blame would not be pointed back to him. but we are smarter then a 5th grader and he got caught.

Chasing the forensic audit is fine. Anyone want to go against the state agency and their advice can recommend and pursue the forensic audit. Finance committee is in charge of that....they don't seem too convinced to do so. They were all in the same room and heard the same info. Jim has repeatedly expressed no worries over an audit. The question should be, if a forensic audit were done would you call your dogs off, same results were found? I doubt it.

Since Jim controls the people on the Fincom, thats where Kevin Miller was for years. the one claiming baseless accusations and lies about the selectmen and Jim. there is no wonder they do not want a forensic Audit. because DOR already told them they are responsible for this mess as much as the Town Manager, the Selectmen and the Accountant. I believe a forensic audit will find the whole truth and How we are the only Municipal Government who ever had the Munis system Crash EVER!!!. never happens.

Ah, Jims salary. Okay listen carefully a Mayor is elected. No experience, education required. Doesn't do the same work. Doesn't have the same responsibilities at all. Popularity contest. Jim is a professional Manager. Not elected. An employee of the town he represents. To continue to compared him to the mayors of our great state is asinine. He does work more than full time for Winchendon and he works part time as a consultant. There are countless people who work 2-3 or more jobs, in Winchendon as well. Don't harrass him for being a driven, hard working man. He's not distracted at all.

Show me one of these uneducated/popular Mayors who owe the city or town 6 million dollars of mistakes they made ? oh you can't find any because they don't exist. Jim is educated and the smartest man in town has made a 6 million dollar mistake. this is not the first time this has happen to jim, it happened in Gardner years before he came here and he had to pay it back to the insurance fund. so history has repeated itself. his other job as a consultant has distracted him from his primary job. from what has been told me his consulting job is not performng any better this his primary job. what is asinine is keeping him employed here. Lancaster is opening their arms to you Jim. Tom say's hello and we have been negotiating your exodus package and employment package for you.

Jim has never assumed, said or implied, all is well with any of his. There is a small group of people tackling this deficit and succeeding. To insult them for getting it done is poor attitude and negative mindsets.

this small group is the group who created the problem, they need to go. because they are not capable of fixing something they broke and most of all allowed it to break.

If Mr. Zbikowski was so against all of his listed complaints, why did he quit? When you only have one goal ( getting rid of the TM) you lose site of the big picture (winchendon) and neglect your elected position and the power it actually has allowed you. Think of all the constructive ways Mr. Z could have impacted the town. Changed the charter to aligned with what he believes citizens want. Change the roles for the town manager position. Change the responsibilities of the higher paid employees and their departments. Make the "change" they want in their town government. Isn't that what is driving them? Change? Hollow change in attacking one person is not working for your Town. Guest Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:11 am

the Charter was a stacked deck with lacement of peole the town manager wanted because his only concern was to make sure the town managers powers were not taken away and the 4/5th vote to fire him was not changed to majority. that comment was presented in the first meeting of the charter by selectmn Bob o'Keefe. who told peole they were not going to visted that part of the charter or make changes to his job responsibilities. the peole on the Charter committee know and heard this.

In closing Dianna/Jim lease send yourresponses here so I may shred them for you. but you wont post here because you are exposed to al the eliments of real business and no insulation of the minority group aka backard fence and Supporting Winchendon Kevin Miller site. you call out BOB Z, I call you both out. show us the residents you are not hypocrites.


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