Being Banned for responding with truth and facts.

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Being Banned for responding with truth and facts.

Post  kevinb on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:12 pm

First Ban was with the backyard fence telling the truth and providing facts against the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager. I also added in the Finance committee.

Second Ban from Supporting Winchendon which is run by Kevin Miller who is or was on the finance committee when all these deficit issues began.

This page is to support Beth Hunt and Fedor Berndt. Off topic posts, lacking in facts, and baselessly attacking other people will be removed. There are other places on FB and the Internet for such posts. People who persist in such posts will be banned.
Posted by Kevin Miller

Response from TinaSanto's
But I thought as you state you will not delete or block anyone but then you all criticize sutt for this in the past...sounds like a double standard to me
3 · 11 hrs

Supporting Winchendon (who is Kevin Miller administrator)
Tina, I did not say I would never delete posts or ban anyone. I have said I would not do so simply because they disagree with us. However, personal attacks and other abusive behaviors, like repeated off-topic posts, will get posts deleted and people banned.

Kevin Miller does this all the time, says one thing then claims that is not what he said. he claims personal attacks when people call him out on this abusive behavior. you banned me because I did not agree with you period.
off topic in your behavior and mind set are words that do not agree with your mission. the mission is to spread ropaganda about the recall group. you have disparage them with baseless post.

Supporting Winchendon is a clone of the backyard fence members with one exception Kevin Miller is calling his face book page a cause, I call it a scam.
all Kevin Miller is doing is making claim he is there to support 2 selectmen Fedor Bernt and Beth Hunt.

However he is attacking Andrea Suhoschi and Felicia Newman. He took down all my facts about why there is a recall and how he is part of the 6 million dollar deficit. there is four departments that created this issue as per the Dept of Revenue aka DOR has stated that need to take responsibility.

1) Town Manager 2) Bos 3) Fincom 4 ) School Dept. and we can add in the Accountant as part of the Fincom, Bos jurisdiction.  Kevin Miller cannot accept he is and was part of this big deficit issue since he was on the fincom and they were suppose to be the towns watch dog on spending. kevin is very close to the vest with any thing the Town Manager wants or actually tells the Bos and the Fincom members what they need to know.

Kevin Miller is placing High School Level Drama non relevant emails from a school committee member who used her school committee address to communicate with other boards. that's called transparency, a public record. Now Kevin Miller per the town manager are placing this stuff trying to discredit hard working residents. these two ladies are not the problem, Kevin Miller, the Town Manager and the Bos are the problem, they created this problem, they own it but will not admit to it. 6 million dollars worth.

This is becoming so high school drama it has gone to the wives of some of the selectmen and the town manager posting on these two sites I mentioned above. the wives are attacking these two ladies who have started the recall, they are ghosting their husbands post for them. This when read or a response from other's who serve on the same board are violating the open meeting law. some use fake names and write.

They have been doing this for years with the backyard fence through private emails on facebook and the backyard fence site. they believe we are stupid, and when they tell us lies they believe we actually believe them. we tolerated them until we had enough and enough evidence/ facts to recall them then terminate them from their position.  

I have been talking to people who have been investigating them for years and people who have evidence that what Sutt is doing is the correct decision. I listen to both sides and whenever I brought facts and truths forward to Kevin Miller (supporting Winchendon facebook site) it would be erased. then I would get a phone call, I would listen but it did not add up.

Kevin Miller and the wives of the selectmen would attack, the Town Manager wife would attack. we are the laughing stock of Worcester County because we are allowing a Minority group of people who do not have the skills or background to run this town. the facts are right there 6 million facts, but they tell us we don't understand and we should listen to them. they do not have facts we do and when we bring them to there attention and show them the facts they refuse to listen, they do not understand and they will not change.

So we have to Make the change and remove the selectmen, their wives attitude and then Terminate the Town Manager and his wife who claims her husband is the hardest worker out there and the rest of us making a living do not work as hard as he does or put the same amount of hours and skip as many lunches or Dinners. I posted I work just as hard and others do also. what did Kevin Miller do? he removed it.why because apparently it did not work for Dianna Kreidler. then Fedor Bernt wife called me an Chauvanist
Ass, never met the women. I do Have a nast letter she posted on Kevin Miller Site he was going to keep because it fit agenda. Yes I Saved it to show people just how bad this is with the Selectmen view of us and what their wives think of us.

Thousands in this town are now tired of this High School Drama performance and their performance. you do not side with them they try to shut you up and ban you. they try to discredit you, they tell others you are the problem not them. sounds like high school drama to me.


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