I like this Concept

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I like this Concept

Post  kevinb on Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:07 pm


Joseph White, Not sure who he is and what his role is with the Town. What I like is there is information from you through him to us. what I would like to see is a facebook page created by the town through your office with connection of other depts.

The Mayor Dean Mazzarella in Leominster has one and he keeps all of us whether you live in Leominster or have a business up to date on all issues. the  leominster school dept has their own.

The town should have one that is official and not associated with private people running to town hall and receiving pieces or some who have to wait 10 days because some people do not agree. this is the residents and public information it should flow without discrimination to all at the same time. where people should be able to ask question, give comments and not be banned. you are responsible as the selectmen, fincom, dpw are to keep us all informed and listen to our issues. just as the mayor of Leominster fullfills his obligations of the office he holds.

Leominster has a dozen or more facebook pages that are clusters of people sharing information also. they are not all websites like Backyard fence2 , winchendon free speech.

this town has a few unoffical private monitored facebook pages Stand up for toy town, Joseph white, united winchendon, etc.  

Make this happen Jim, get an official one set up and start communication directly with us all. we the residents pay you we want to hear from you. respect us, respect our wishes, no more through your wife or others.


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