Jim! where are you?

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Jim! where are you?

Post  kevinb on Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:03 pm


The people of Winchendon want you to answer to us on these issues, not just the backyard fence group who we all know are your mouth's on many subjects. I got banned when I wanted to put input into this situation. Now I see your wife , Kevin Miller, Belleveder and a few others Speaking for you.

You need to post on this site and the other site, answer the residents questions and concerns. you cannot have your wife and this small group speaking for you. I do not want your wife version or even debate her. because it is not her speaking it is you.

Stop having your wife post about town business or this issue because she is not part of the towns issues here, no just because she is your wife and your family income generates from here does not give her a voice or a vote.

You need to start placing it in both forums and the news papers so all the residents are informed. not just a select. this is poor management. I find it an insult that you have not been in the front of this from the begining.


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