DOR states no fraud in the deficit found

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DOR states no fraud in the deficit found

Post  kevinb on Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:32 am

I never believed the town manager had committed fraud, even the years I was involved as an elected official did it ever seem to me Jim was covertly removing the towns/ taxpayers money.

The issues surrounding the recall to remove the selectmen to replace them with new fresh people is to remove the town manager. the town manager has lived his cycle of business here, he has splintered the community many times, he does not listen to the voters and has in the past after a non binding town votes on financial issues refuse to compass the town where the people want it to sail.

The town manager makes known he is in charge and will make the final decisions even when selectmen in the past have requested different methods. there have been law suits, investigations that have cost the taxpayers a lot of money. He has a private business on the side and I believe conflicts with his day to day operations. projects have been promised t be up and running and still do not exist.

It's time to change the regime not because of fraud but because his management style does not it the needs and the best interest of the town. Nothing would sway me that his character is bad just his management style is flawed.


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