When will this mind set change?

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When will this mind set change?

Post  kevinb on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:04 pm


The article talks about Mr. Carbone Moving to Winchendon this past summer, he is employed as a lawyer in Fitchburg and held a seat on the Fitchburg School Committee. the story also covers a selectman Bob O;Keefe  who has held office for numerous years, he came to this elected position for his first election bid in a similar    manner and controversy. however Mr. O'Keefe never held a political position before moving to Winchendon.

Mr. O'Keefe just showed up one day as a resident in this town. he was brand new with no political background. he was picked by a group who was performing a recall for Burton Gould and Ed Bond who were not aligned with the Town manager.  a certain group wanted change.

The article discusses the disapproval from a Public Servant mr. O'Keefe who is not in favor of a person moving from a city which Mr. O'Keefe did to a small town. Mr. O'Keefe does not like that Mr. Carbone resigned from a school committee,he was given a great review by the City Mayor Wong for being a great asset to their community and will be Missed. Now Mr. Carbone wants to pursue his venture in his new resident town as a potential elected official in the Selectmen Venue.

Mr. O'Keefe why? why not open your mind and accept change? why would you be  
afraid of someone new coming to town with a good track record, fresh idea's and want to serve his new community.

Change is good, Leaders invite Change, Leaders make changes, Leaders want change.

Mr. O'keefe the town wants change, we want leadership, this is why the town is having another recall because the last recall promised change but all we got was a 6 million dollar "perfect storm" deficit  which all are playing ignorant.  a witch hunt on the Superintendent of Schools and a select board that will not follow the votes of the towns people.


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