superintendent investigated? why?

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superintendent investigated? why?

Post  kevinb on Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:41 pm

I read these a few times, good investigation. the right procedure was followed all the way through to the DA. but the DA saw this as the article below see it. a witch hunt and no culpable reason to prosecute.

we need to add this to the many court or almost court cases lost by the town manager. I want to speculate their was probably less then $250.00 involved in an issue that has no aggregate proof just speculation of a pass code used withing the circle of 12 people authorized.,bs.1,d.eXY

The other part that bothers me is where Mr. Kreidler makes it known there was a Munis specialist involved when they investigated this issue with the superintendent however for some reason the Munis system crashed when it was conveinent for the story of the Health Insurance  issue. "The Perfect Storm Theory" Mr. Okeefe is an IT person does he have a specialty in Munis?

The person who placed this information on the backyardfence 2 thread is the same person who sat on the finance committee and suddenly resigned a few years back when the Health Care Issue was starting to show a deficit that grew to 3 Million and possible going to grow to 6 million.  

Shouldn't this speculation be enough for the Town Manager to begin another investigation into this matter?


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