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Recall Petition

Post  kevinb on Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:29 am

This town has a process where all should be reluctant to exercise until it is a necessity for the Benefit of the town and residents. The process in topic here is the recall process. This process relies on the registered voting residents to sign a petition requesting certain people who have been elected by the same voters signing a recall petition to resign. Many times it is because the voters lost confidence in these public servants and want change. a change which is in the best interest of the town and residents.

Some public servants do not see the forest from the tree's when this process is being execised, some who align with them and their same behavior and culture become defensive which is natural. they want to keep things the same way they are because it serves their purpose. however it does not serve the majority, This where it becomes a process and anxiety, fear and defiance seeps into this task.

Some will approach you, attempt to make you feel you are wrong ad they know whats best for all, they will state ,you are making a big mistake, your not informed correctly on the truth. this minority group will attempt to sway you to not sign a petition, they will go as far as to announce they will shame you and post it publicly for all to see who signed the petition. these are the same people quoting people from the past who have experienced the same culture and behavior you are experiencing today. the radical ways of King George and a tyranny placed on the original 13 colonies and caused a tea party rebellion and a revolution in Boston.

We are not going to go anywhere near this radical behavior because we have a process in place. To remove them all we need is to sign a petition and vote them out if they choose not to resign. however they are using radical methods by suggesting they will shame you if you sign the petition, don't allow this. sign the petition because you know it is the best interest of you and the town. I signed it and I am not concerned who will see my name. I believe if they do follow through and show it publicly it will have more residents show up to the polls and vote in a better informed responsible way. please sign the petition for the benefit of Winchendon. I't time for a change and a better direction for all not just a few.


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