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backyard fence clik

Post  kevinb on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:13 pm

I am disappointed that they are not willing to change. The only way to resolve conflict and issue's is to be open to all types of questions, statements and dialogue. To control and only allow the same type of mind set is why we are where we are now. This has been the culture in the selectmen meetings when residents applied for appointments but denied on account of others who align with the selectmen who have a certain focus on how Winchendon is to be viewed. the selectmen board sent them away without satisfaction. Open up your minds, open your eye's. stop believing you control the town charter. all residents have the same vote and now 1100 residents with a vote want change. they do not want to live the way you believe is in our best interest. the last vote showed you had 100 the other side had 1000 plus.

Jim Kriedler, this is for you. talk to your people it time to change,I was an observer and reached out with an olive branch to open a dialogue. I signed the Recall petition because of the end result.


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