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Post  kevinb on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:49 pm

A few years past there was a similar campaign to recall a couple of selectmen on account of their focus to remove the Town Manager. some remember the two to be Burton Gould and Ed Bond. the principles behind that campaign were  Bob O'Keefe, Keith Barrows, Beth Hunt, Fedor Berndt, James Kreidler, and residents of the town of Winchendon.

They felt to comply to the Town Managers contempt not to work with these two past selectmen. this group United Winchendon won this recall campaign and placed two more that fit the agenda of the Town Manager.

Since this time the town has spiraled into a Confirmed by the DOR a 3 Million dollar deficit and most likely this number will grow since the state legislation has given the town manager and the still present selectmen who have followed his lead a credit line of 6 million.

they Meaning the town manager and select board minus 1 who resigned when he found out their plan of action. it was and still is the wrong plan of action. however the selectmen have been defiant and will not do what is best for the residents of Winchendon. they are calling it a perfect storm effect. they steal a movies reasoning for the ship the Andrea Gale to go down, however they forgot what the reason was for the Andrea Gale to go down in the perfect storm.

The reason is the captain only had a one thought process his way was the only way, he was going to show everyone he was smarter then others. he did not have to take heed of the situation as the captain in the perfect storm from another captain explaining there was a storm coming that he could not handle. the captain refused to listen to her and when 3 fronts came in and combined it was a devastating/killer storm.

here are the three fronts

the ship was full of fish and the ice machine was broken so if they did not get to port they would lose the fish and their money, this with Winchendon represent the Town Manager ego and the select board full of sheep who follow his every direction.

the second was being caught in the large storm with big waves and broken communication tower pole. this represents the defiance of the Town Manager for not listening to the audit being performed and the town accountant. being defiant to not announcing this issue to the select board who he felt had under control and not allowing the residents who vote on these financial matters to be informed. he felt he could fix it before the waves became to big, to ride the storm out.


when we watch the movie we all see as the captain/town manager had to come to terms is the waves got bigger and bigger to the point he could not ride out the storm and the waves. the ship bellied up and sank with all the profits and lives at jeopoardy. The Coast Guard (DOR) was sent out to rescue them and find survivors. The State Legislation had to be called in to save the survivors of this large catastrophe. Now we the residents of this perfect storm given to by the town manager and the selectmen is costing us 6 million dollars with services cut, people income loss and what ever down the road.

Now many of United Winchendon who fell into "we need to get rid of the past 2 selectmen Ed Bond and Burton Gould because they will not work with the Town Manager," See who created this perfect storm, Why he needed to be Questioned and not allowed total Autonomy or absolute power and control.United Winchendon have many who have aligned themselves with what is good for Winchendon. They now want to save this town, most have signed the petition of the recall. many more should because we the people need to change the behavior of the select few who feel they run this town.

The perfect storm was created not by an act of nature but by a small few who felt they were Gods and try to sell 3 bad decisions as an act of God, thus the perfect storm. the perfect storm of utter bad debt. which could have been diverted if we had the right person and select board in charge of our affairs.


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