the Recall is a just choice for Winchendon

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the Recall is a just choice for Winchendon

Post  kevinb on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:01 pm

There is a major effort in effect for the removal of two selectmen who have with the others who are up for re-election this May not taken the best interest of the town over themselves and placed it all with the Town Manager.

I used the Name Bingo on the Backyard fence site which is the resident home to these selectmen and the Town Managers Wife who now talks for him.

I went on in good faith and attempted to have civil dialogue and talk about some of the issues they have created and place perspective light on these issues.  they were defiant, arrogant and misleading on all threads. the Sutt campaign has not posted to them, they have stayed focused on their purpose to remove all of these people from office because of their behavior to all of us the residents.

I had attempted to talk about issues Kevin Miller, Ron Chaulk have distorted. I had one conversation with the Town Managers Wife and after this on Sunday the 18th I have been banned, reason they stated "Just because your Kevin Bliss".

I see this town needing change desperately with behavior of this type. I see myself now seriously considering taking out papers for the 1 year selectmen seat. fear, intimidation, control, poor behavior should never be allowed.
the towns people have had enough and change is the only solution.


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